100% Entertainment is raising the fear factor on environmental issues by developing a slate of fright-generating ecologically themed thrillers to be produced under a new division of the company called Echoes Of Fear. To insure that the “Green” issues are presented with dramatic realism, the company is consulting with environmental agencies and concerned citizens of the entertainment industry, most notably environmental activist and multi-talented actor Ed Begley Jr., with regard to the content of each picture. Classic horror/monster films of the 1950’s like Godzilla, Them and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers have stood the test of time. Lingering in our consciousness not only because they gave us a good scare but also because they were allegories of the times-the fear of Communism and the anxiety of The Atomic Age. The twenty first century presents us with unprecedented challenges, global warming, the pollution of our air and water and our ever-increasing dependence on fossil fuel. Echoes Of Fear taps into these concerns with stories that have strong moral centers, multi-ethnic casting, dynamic female heroines and state of the art special effects. And 100% Entertainment is putting its money where its conscience is by pledging 20% of its net profits from Echoes Of Fear to ecological and environmental organizations around the world. The first two Echoes Of Fear being readied for production are:

Salvation -- When crude oil prices skyrocket past two hundred dollars a barrel, the U.S. government determines it has no alternative but to tap into the rich oil reserves buried beneath Alaska's frozen tundra. With construction nearing completion a group of heavily armed eco-terrorists storms the compound, taking the crewmembers hostage. When the terrorists blow up the rigs, “for the good of the planet”, they accidentally release a ravenous prehistoric creature from its cryogenic tomb, resulting in a threat to mankind’s survival far greater than anyone could ever have imagined.

Crush Depth -- It’s an underwater war of the worlds when a team of oceanographers diving into the uncharted depths of the Atlantic Ocean comes face-to-face with a ferocious amphibious alien species. In a race against global devastation, the oceanographers must prevent the aliens from launching an invasion that would enslave the people of earth and strip-mine all life sustaining nutrients, minerals and bacteria from our oceans.

In addition to Echoes Of Fear, 100% Entertainment has five films currently in development:

The Dark Portal -- Thirty years ago, Mikhail Heller, the world's greatest magician, was committed to a mental institution after an illusion he was performing on live television resulted in the death of his beloved wife, Raquel. The doctors having determined Mikhail is “no longer a threat to anyone” and have released him from the asylum, but Mikhail is still a prisoner to his undying love for Raquel. When Eric Glass, a teenager whose mother is dying, meets Mikhail, the two find they have a common bond: the need to communicate with the world of the dead. Eric's thirst to unlock Mikhail's mastery of magic and the black arts and Mikhail’s obsession to be reunited with Raquel results in the release of forces that should not be tampered with. This mystical thriller in the tradition of Ghost and The Sixth Sense was written by Ben Peller and Isaacs from a story by Isaacs. Isaacs will be producing with Michael Meltzer (The Hidden, Sometimes They Come Back).

Haunted Hollywood -- Captain Vengeance once reigned as television's most beloved action hero. But the show and its star had an abrupt and violent end when the actor portraying Captain Vengeance, Wayne Champion, was found dead in his dressing room...the victim of a gunshot to the head. Despite Wayne's death being ruled a suicide it has remained the source of lingering controversy for the past ten years. Now, Wayne’s life and mysterious death is the subject of television's newest reality show "Haunted Hollywood" where famed psychic Martin King and several of Wayne's closest friends, lovers and associates will gather to hold a séance to communicate with Wayne. But the results will be murder as Captain Vengeance emerges from the gates of Hell to exact revenge on those who betrayed him. A supernatural thriller in the vein of Saw and Nightmare On Elm Street, the film will be directed by Isaacs and is based on his story and screenplay written with Ben Peller.

Point Thunder – The first woman XO commissioned to submariner duty is assigned to the shake down cruise of the USS Constellation, a nuclear submarine armed with a missile payload capable of ending all life on the planet. The voyage proves to be the Constellation’s last when an indestructible “being” from another galaxy invades the ship, absorbs its energy and turns the sub into a nuclear time bomb. It’s Alien on the most lethal war machine ever constructed in this sci-fi action thriller written by Dean Widenmann (Raptor Island, CSI: Miami). Isaacs will be producing with Herb Nanas (2 Days in the Valley, First Blood).

...Thicker Than Water -- A Navy ship transporting an alien artifact found buried in the deserts of Iraq mysteriously sinks before reaching the U.S. During a fierce winter storm the artifact, which contains an unearthly entity, washes ashore near a seaside resort community. When its seal is broken the alien entity is released and insidiously begins enslaving the town's residents. Unless it can be destroyed everyone on Earth will fall victim to its dominance...Trust no one!

Marauders -- A U.S. Military plane carrying a team of M.P.'s and their prisoners, a renegade unit of Army Rangers, flies through a fierce electromagnetic storm...similar to a black hole, sending them back through time. When their plane crashes in a prehistoric jungle, these modern day warriors find themselves stranded in a predatory world 65 million years old...The hunt is on!

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