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Sometime early in the first century of the next millennium, the military's most deadly odds game -- the continued covert storage of its doomsday biological weapons -- goes into meltdown.

The accident, though a freak, was perhaps inevitable. Certainly an incident in some form was predictable, even by the average citizen whose ignorance of the quantum advancements in bio-warfare technology is matched only by his general distrust of those responsible for controlling it. Clearly, the potential for a "Pandora's Box" becomes chillingly present whenever one breakthrough science out-paces the others, whenever man's technological genius transcends his ability to manage it: Chernobyl...Three-mile Island...others less well-documented, but no less life threatening.

It is upon this powerful and timely theme that film producers Stanley Isaacs, Scott McGinnis, Robert Patrick, and director/co-screenwriter James D. Deck, have created a motion picture of enormous scope and magnitude. Although set in the next century -- at a time when public transportation by sub-orbital aircraft has become commonplace -- this science-fiction thriller takes place on earth.

The is time villain is not some grotesque, three-headed monster from another galaxy, but one far more grotesque -- one that man himself has created! It is not unlike the tons of nuclear refuse and other toxic wastes whose safe disposal defies easy solution. But this one is even more deadly: The military named it RAVAGER...

Le Monde Entertainment in association with Republic Pictures and 360 entertainment presents A Ravager Production. Bruce Payne and Yancy Butler star in "Ravager." Co-starring Salvator Xuereb and Juliet Landau as 'Sarra,' the film is produced by Stanley Isaacs, Scott McGinnis and Robert Patrick, and is directed by James D. Deck from a screenplay by Donald J. Loperfido and James D. Deck. John Fremes is the Executive Director; Adam Kane is the Director of Photography. Kristin M. Burke is the Costume Designer; Casting is by Linda Francis. Computer Animation and Effects are by Corbitt Design. Music is by John E. Nordstrom II. Nicholas Edgar is the Film Editor, and Marc Forby is Executive in Charge of Production for Le Monde Entertainment. "Ravager" will be released domestically by Republic Pictures and internationally by Le Monde Entertainment, a division of Alliance Communications Corporation. "Ravager" had its U.S. premier last summer on the Sci-Fi Channel and is currently available on Paramount home video.

Ravager posterAbout the Story

There was no way for Avedon Hammond (YANCY BUTLER) to foresee the impending crisis. As command pilot of the I/P/T transport ship Armstrong, a space-weary NASA discard now used routinely in sub-orbital transport runs, the attractive, highly proficient pilot has her hands full. Upon entering the ship to prepare for liftoff, she's chagrined to find that her flight has been reassigned to another command pilot, Cooper Wayne (BRUCE PAYNE), a daredevil she knows all too well -- as an ex-lover from whom she just had to walk away. Avedon is further annoyed to find that the flight is another "mystery run," no paperwork, no flight plan, and a handful of passengers on what should be a cargo carrier.

The eclectic riffraff of passengers includes Lazarus (SALVATOR XUEREB), a two-bit hustler; Dr. Shephard , a skilled former micro-surgeon now addicted to his own self-prescribed medications; Cade (DAVID STRATTON), and edgy young man obsessed with finding the wife who deserted him; and Sarra (JULIET LANDAU), a flawlessly beautiful young woman with a mysterious past. About the only "stand-up guy" aboard is chief engineer Mick 'Clean' McClean (STANLEY KAMEL), a technical genius who's called upon regularly to repair just about every system on board the tired ship.

After takeoff, two booster rockets become obstructed and the Armstrong is forced to crash land in a desolate, uncharted region of the South Asian desert wracked by seismic tremors. While trying to recover tridymite to fabricate new flight data circuit boards, the crew stumbles upon an underground military depository for advanced biological weapons. Cooper and Avedon are forced to pit every ounce of strength and ingenuity they possess into fighting something incomprehensible, something unspeakable...something that threatens not only their own lives and those of the passengers about the crippled ship, but the entire world! Even beyond...

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Stanley Isaacs (Producer)
Scott McGinnis (Producer)
Robert Patrick (Producer)

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