Within the Rock now available on A-Pix Home Video, DVD, and Laser Disc.

A science fiction thriller from 360 entertainment, Within the Rock chronicles the desperate race against time of an isolated mining crew trying to save the earth from a hurtling renegade moon and themselves from a terrible creature lurking beneath its surface.

Within the Rock was released theatrically overseas, premiered on The SciFi Channel in the United States, and is now available on video. An Enhanced CD of the rock soundtrack and one of the orchestral sountrack are available in record stores.

The Filmmakers

Stanley Isaacs (Producer)
Scott McGinnis (Producer)
Robert Patrick (Producer)
Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Director/Screenwriter)
Adam Kane (Director of Photography)
Rod Gammons (Music)
Tony Fennell (Music)

The Cast


Enhanced CD's of Rock and Orchestral Versions of the Soundtrack

"Behind the Scenes"

Download a clip of the movie (28 seconds, 2.6 megs)

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